Voice command adding period to sentence wildcard

I have a voice command: Change bob to {service}

I pass the data in ‘service’ to a service call option: “{{ trigger.slots.service }}”, but it’s also passing along the period (.) and the WLED preset is trying to match the preset name + ‘.’ and of course that fails. Is this a bug or is there a way to strip off that period?

service: select.select_option
  entity_id: select.wled_luke_preset_3
  option: "{{ trigger.slots.service }}"

In the traces you can see the appended period:

Option christmas. not valid for select.wled_luke_preset_3

Try changing to Change bob to {service}. (instead of Change bob to {service}) Hopefully the matching algorithm will then ignore the . seeing it as part of the sentence rather than a part of the {service}