Voice commands via Apple Watch

Hi all,

In the recent AI release party video, Paulus mentioned that you can access the new ChatGPT Assist via your Apple Watch.

After reading into the topic for quite a bit, I got stuck at a point where what I am sending voice commands to Home Assistant via the Watch, but they are not going through the ChatGPT pipeline. Here is what I did:

(i) Installed a Action Button Shortcut on my iPhone, as per the HA homepage
(ii) synced the Shortcut to my Watch
(iii) installed a ChatGPT pipeline on my HA instance
(iv) changed all voice assistant pipelines to ChatGPT as a conversation agent

The good news is that “it” works. I can prompt the action and give a voice command such a “turn on office lights” and they turn on. The bad news is that it is not going through the ChatGPT conversation agent. This should not be possible, as all my voice assistants have been changed to ChatGPT.

I am obviously doing something wrong here, can someone help?