Voice Controlled Cheap Non-Smart LED Strip with OK Google Command

So I bought some cheap RGB LEDs a while back and came across a really cheap WiFi controller. (The brand is Cooligg and it cost me less than $6US at the time)

Upon replacing the normal controller with this one, I learned that it was compatible with Home Assistant. YES! So I hooked everything up and was able to turn on/off and automate the LEDs.

Skip forward a few days and I wanted to be able to turn them on/off with my voice without depending on Home Assistant’s voice commands so I installed Tasker + Autovoice. Set an event for Tasker to run the HTTP Request to HA to turn on/off the lights based on a hotphrase in an OK Google Command. IT WORKED! I was so amazed.

After that I added AutoWear in the mix to allow me to do this from my AndroidWear device as well. Now a quick shake of the wrist and a short phrase turns on and off my lights!

I know it’s not quite easier than hitting a button on a controller…but that wow factor! haha. The entire setup cost me less than $12USD.

Quick Example - https://youtu.be/8M5FBOkdPJU

Future additions is to include voice commands to change colors etc.


Awesome to hear this! These kind of projects are always fun!

I’m curious about the wifi led controller, to what extent is it compatible with Home Assistant? Color changing? How did you add it in Home Assistant?

When you say compatible, how so. What light component did you use in HA that allowed you to use the functionality of that controller.

Thanks in advance

This is the controller http://amzn.to/2f5DimS. Once you add it under the flux_led platform in the configuration file, it shows up and you can turn it on/off as well as change the color inside Home Assistant.

I used the flux_led component. The one that’s compatible with most devices that use the Magic Home application to controller them. :slight_smile:

Thanks. Good to know

I can’t tell from the amazon listing, does this come with a power supply or does that have to be purchased separately?

The controller uses the same power supply as the LED strip. If you are buying all components from scratch, you will need to purchase (1) led strip, (1) controller, and (1) 12v power supply.

Would you be able to hook this up under a kitchen counter and set a motion sensor to turn on if someone walks in when it’s night?

New here and coming up with ideas for my first home

Yes, you absolutely would be. You’d use an automation, and when the motion detector triggered then you would fire the lights.

You don’t need to change the firmware of the device?

I have the same device, and no, you don’t. The FLUX_LED package will automatically work with that controller; I’m using mine right now.

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using now too, cool

There are also MQTT firmwares for those controllers, assuming they are the same (certainly looks that way).

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I love these power supplies for the led strip lights. Much nicer than the bricks.

That item has some pretty bad reviews, beware people!

why? I have one, it works ok (with Alexa) without changing the firmware

Sorry I meant the power supply @CCOSTAN pointed to.

I changed up the link. I have them and honestly, they have outlasted the controllers. I like them as power supplies much better than the bulky bricks. But with any Cheap china product, it’s hit or miss.

I am sorry to appear constantly negative, but I clicked on the link and read the 1* reviews (always a good place to start).


bought two recently. Adapter gets very hot and causes led strip lights to blink on and off. Annoying. Stay away.


Started smoking really bad as soon as I plugged if in. Would have caught on fire had I not unplugged it immediately


This power supply only gets one star specifically because it causes an enormous amount of interference with my amateur radio, so much that it renders the radio useless. I can’t imagine how this passed any certification to be sold in the US. I have to unplug it any time I want to use my radio. (PS the unit is over 30 feet from my radio and over 60 feet from any antenna and it still floods the spectrum with noise!)

There’s some scary shit in there.

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