[Voice] Multiple Voice Assistants (>1 Wake-word and Pipeline)

It would be awesome if we could have multiple voice assistants in operation simultaneously. So if I say “ok nabu” I get a nabu casa pipeline for controlling the house and if I say “OK Jarvis” I get a ChatGPT pipeline. Others have described how it would be useful to have different languages for bilingual households
This actually briefly almost worked by mistake Wyoming ignores second assistant's wake word. · Issue #101942 · home-assistant/core · GitHub (at least the open wake word side did).

Provided the hardware is capable of running multiple wake-word models it would seem trivial to implement. Just mandate that each active pipeline have a different wake-word and once a wake-word is detected forward the speech to the appropriate pipeline/wyoming endpoint.


With 2 pieces of hardware you can so it now.

I am aware, as you can select the pipeline for each piece of hardware, but why not >1 on one piece of hardware?


This would be extremely helpful.
I’d like to have this possibility to use different wake words for different languages.

Yeah we need this.

As far as my testing, we can only use 1 language per voice satellite.

Some are reporting success using the Wyoming satellite function on Linux devices e.g raspberry pi zeros

I’d love to see this. I actually have bought multiple of those Atom Echo devices and plugged them into USB outlets in most of my rooms, and they work decently enough as generic house control.

Recognizing different wake words on the same hardware, would allow a different pipeline to be associated with it, and to be route to something like my Ollama instance for general LLM interaction.