Volume control in Android Device Control

Since Android 11 there is something called Device control. Device control is accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen. It is possible to control Home Assistant devices from Device control. For Home Assistant, it seems like it is possible to control On/Off switches and Automations.

I have a few speakers using Chrome Cast audio. I can control the volume for these speakers from the Overview using Getting volume controls from TV on dashboard.

Since there seems not to be any volume control available in Device control for Home Assistant, would it be possible to do this with an automation, one automation for increasing volume for a speaker and one automation for decreasing volume for the same speaker?

I had a look at crating an automation to increase the volume. I’d want the trigger to be when I click the automation, and I’d want the action to be increase volume (media_player.volume_up). I can’t figure out how to set up the trigger and the action when creating the automation. Any help on how to set up the automation or alternative solution would be great.