Volume control wall plates?

Hi all,

My house has a 4-zone speaker setup with CAT-5 (maybe CAT-5e?) cables running from the control room in the basement to individual wall plates. The wall plates appear to be Channel Vision AB-134 - they’re capable of controlling power on/off, volume, and I think source select (though I only have one source plugged in at the moment, and I think the central box is smart enough to ignore the channel change requests from the wall plates).

Anyway, this old audio equipment does not integrate with HA, and I’d like to change that. One option is to try and integrate with the central box in the basement. Hardware is not my specialty, so I’d need to find a ready-made electronics box with the necessary stuff inside it, then reverse-engineer the signal and write some custom software to integrate with HA. Not the easy button… but probably the cheapest.

Orrrr… perhaps you guys could recommend a replacement audio distribution box and wall plates that could still work with the existing CAT cables in the walls, while also being controlled by HA (WiFi or ZWave would be great, but I’m open to other options)? Only one physical audio input is necessary - I can run a Chromecast Audio or something else to handle actually playing the music.


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