Volumio - How to play specified files or playlist or shuffle songs?

One more thing, how to have the current playlist? There are REST API command : https://volumio.github.io/docs/API/REST_API.html
How to use them?

good to hear that it works!
if you want to play a certain playlist, you have to create a scipt and a shell command.
both is described in my post, which is directly above your first post!
if you need further help, just tell me!

I just discovered Volumio and I’m excited to get into it.
It’s probably over kill for this purpose, but do any of you use it to play MP3 files as actions for Automations? Like Dog bark sounds when motion detected and no one is home…


No, but when you add the component you can already use it as text-to-speach target.

Hello, in which section of the config in HOME ASSISTANT go to write the code:

alias: Fat Freddys Drop
- service: shell_command.volumio_fatfreddys

in configuration.yaml ?

Hi, you can tell me how to call a Volumio radio station from HA? Thank’s!

Hi nek1970,
yes for sure. I made a playlist with only the radiostation and play it with a shell command. it’s the same command i use for other playlists.
here is the command for my favourite (austrian) radiostation FM4

shell command:   
  volumio_fm4: 'curl\?cmd\=playplaylist\&name\=FM4'

I created a playlist called Classic FM and I saved a radio inside it. In configuration.yaml
I also added the command for the random function to my mp3 playlists. That does not work either.
My yaml config looks like this:


  • platform: volumio
    port: 3000

    shell command:
    volumio_classic_fm: ‘curl’

ok, first of all, make sure, that the ssh command is working. you have to use exactly the same command as i posted and you have to prepare your pi’s so that a ssh connection without pw is working. follow this guide: http://linuxproblem.org/art_9.html

further, the shell command is an extra entry and not under the entry media player.
the shell_command can be triggered by a script.

it should look like this:

  - platform: volumio
    port: 3000

  volumio_fatfreddys: 'curl\?cmd\=playplaylist\&name\=Fat%20Freddys%20Drop'

EDIT: Ah sorry, i mixed it up. You don’t have to follow the ssh-guide. I’m sorry, i don’t know why it isn’t working for you :confused:

Hi, I’m trying to create some playlists in VOlumio. At the moment, however, it still does not work.
My config:


can you Help me?

Oh yes, now i see whats wrong.
Delete %20drop at the end of the command.
Because that‘s part of my playlist name, which is „Fat Freddys Drop“ in volumio.

no work.
now my config is:


  • platform: volumio
    port: 3000



alias: prova1
- service: shell_command.volumio_prova1

have you any idea?

can you post the code in the proper way? with the function “preformatted text”? otherwise, post again a screenshot. i don’t know why it isn’t working. in volumio, the playlist is also called “prova1”?

Hi, now WORKS. I see the playlist.

2 Questions:
In your opinion is it possible to insert an input_select to group the scripts?

You could better explain how to insert the Random function. I wrote this but it doesn’t work.


I never used the input_select function and i don’t know how to use it… unfortunately, i’m not a programmer :slight_smile:

For shuffle, i use this shell command:

volumio_shuffle: 'curl'

Edit: I guess you use the right command, but forgot the ’ ’ around the command

thank’s for your support!

Hello, I was trying to configure input numbers for Volumio’s playlist. Did you succeed? Could you tell me how?

FYI, playing predefined playlists works even easier.

They appear as mediaplayer “source” and can be started from the UI out of the box:

Alternatively, there is a service that can be called to switch sources: media_player.select_source

I added some picture entity cards to lovelace with the station’s logos that start the playlist on press:

  - cards:
      - image: /local/media_fm4.jpg
        type: picture
          action: call-service
          service: media_player.select_source
            entity_id: media_player.volumio
            source: FM4

I’m just curious… is it possible to set a playlist or song to repeat from UI?

I would like to put a media player of some inexpensive kind in each of my kids rooms and, at bedtime, have it play a local playlist of relaxation music.

Ideally, i would just like something like a Pi that I can hook to some cheap desktop speakers and remotely control the audio playback and volume. Icing on the cake would be audio sync but they don’t have to be since they are in different rooms and won’t be so loud that it would be noticeable.


Yes, everything you want to realize should be possible.

Setting volumio to repeat is possible with this shell command:

volumio_repeat: 'curl'

Playing a certain playlist is described above.
Syncing them isn’t supported by volumio (i guess), but using a script, whichs fires two shell commands playing the same playlist should be a good workaround.