Volumio Playlists and Spotify Playlists

So, volumio is a media player on my network on the Pi3. It connects to Spotify, however, the source list for the volumio media player is dependent upon Volumio playlists.

If I have a playlist in Spotify, is there a quick and dirty way to get all of the songs from that spotify playlist into a Volumio playlist?

As it stands, I use Spotify to drag songs into a Spotify playlist, then I use Volumio to access that playlist, and then I have to add each song one by one to the Volumio playlist.

Not so user friendly.

I just thought of something.

If i have a Ubuntu system floating around here and it’s up and running (quasi headless, meaning no monitor attached) could I simply have spotify automatically run on that device and then designate that device as the media player using spotify connect?

What has this to do with home assistant?

To play audio using HA, it must be called using a source. The only available sources in the entities are the playlists manually created in either…but since Volumio has a Spotify plug-in…I’ll let you connect the dots.

There are quite literally thousands of use cases for Home Assistant, which means there will be thousands of questions related to the ecosystems connected to it.

Now, what has your question to do with answering mine?

If you want to create a volumio playlist from a sonos playlist then surely the volumio forum is the place to ask.

Sonos -> Spotify…yes, I suppose ultimately that is the question. But from an HA point of view, I’m looking at how to use the media_player component to trigger a playlist that originates in Spotify.

Until now, the only way I’ve been able to control Spotify from HA is if Spotify is up and running on a computer on the network, and I’m most often on my laptop which goes with me, so using Spotify for music for other occupants automatically becomes a challenge. So, I think I’ll try running it on a different device running Spotify that I can tuck away by the mixer and sound system.

Sorry yes spotify. All these s words, almost wrote soniff lol.

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