Volumio with SSL

Hi all, I’m trying to use Volumio in my Hass.io setup, through an iframe (so I can see queue list other than the play/stop/volume buttons)

But it’s only possibile with http.

Volumio doesn’t accept ssl (without paying for MyVolumio service).

But if I access to my Hass.io from external url (so https), I’m not able to see Volumio.

Is there a way to have Volumio integrated even with https access?

I’m having the same problem but it seems there is a workaround which is not working for me at the moment:

Just set up NGINX as a reverse proxy and you will be able to access volumio locally without a secure connection.

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I have tried in the past with Frenck’s addon “Nginx Proxy Manager” but with no luck
can you describe how did you do it?
I’m running HA on an Intel NUC

As @katsaplias said… How? Can you explain?

This is the addon I’m using and it’s in the official store - https://github.com/home-assistant/hassio-addons/tree/master/nginx_proxy

Read the documentation, and pay extra attention to port forwarding on your router - that’s where I got stuck for the longest while.

Hope this helps you guys.

dear @dedepene, if you can elaborate on that would be very helpful, I have tried with “NGINX proxy” and failed again
when I enabled the addon and commented out the:

  • ssl_certificate
  • ssl_key

the HA page loads only on plain http but the iframe for Volumio works
but I don’t want this, my goal is to get HA on https and redirect to Volumio server from the panel_iframe that works on http

this is not possible, afaik. generally speaking, loading an http iframe into a secure page is not part of any set of best practices :slight_smile: