Volvo On Call - info in logs but nothing in States

Hi folks! First post here … thanks for the great software!

I have added the following in configuration.yaml:

username: username
password: password
service_url: ‘

I enabled verbose logging for VOC and can see many bits of info in the logs that tells me HA is talking to the VOC servers. Example snippet (cleansed):

2017-07-24 21:08:14 DEBUG (SyncWorker_27) [volvooncall] State: {‘’: {‘engineCode’: ‘2421CF0B’, ‘exteriorCode’: ‘2421110B’, ‘interiorCode’: ‘24211005’, ‘tyreDimensionCode’: ‘2421R509’, ‘tyreInflationPressureLightCode’: None, ‘tyreInflationPressureHeavyCode’: None, ‘gearboxCode’: ‘2421DB01’, ‘fuelType’: ‘HEV’, ‘fuelTankVolume’: 50, ‘grossWeight’: 3010, ‘modelYear’: 2016, ‘vehicleType’: ‘XC90’, ‘vehicleTypeCode’: ‘2421AA04’,

… there is also status things beyond my meta-data, like “frontleftwindowOpen” status, ChargeCableStatus, DistaceToEmpty, etc.

However, I don’t see any indication of any VOC items when I log into the GUI or check dev options: states.

Do I have to add additional elements as Sensors/Switches/Locks or should they just appear as they do for HUE, Plex, Nest, etc.?

For my setup: I was running Hasbian on a PI3, and using Docker to run MQTT server and MQTT bridge on a different server (for smarthings link)… but I recently moved HA to docker as well … Host is Ubuntu server 16.10.

Thanks for your help!