Volvo On Call

Hi All,

I have some issues with Home Assistant related to Volvo On Call.
Since a month or so I have issues with the Volvo On Call integration.
HA was able to connect and setup the Volvo On Call entities. But when I restart Home Assistant (When I add another integration) Volvo On Call stops working an gives the error:
Unable to prepare setup for platform volvooncall.binary_sensor: Unable to set up component

this error for all sensors related to Volvo On Call.
To resolve the issue I need to delete the integration from the configuration. Restart Home Assistant, Reboot the Host. Then add the Volvo On Call integration again. Restart Home Assistant. 4 times out of 10 it start working again. Till the next Home Assistant Restart. Then all stops again.

Does anyone please give me some advice what to do next.

Kind regards
Robin Kluijt

Hi, I just got volvooncall installed for my new car and the only new entity that I get is the device tracker so perhaps there is an issue with th component itself. No errors in the logs so far though.

Hi RezzZ,

Indeed got the Volvo tracker as well. but an error for the sensors.
Hopefully Home Assistant can fix this issue. Look like the Volvo On Call api is unreachable.
Maybe something is blocking it on my end. Will have a look.

Kind regards

I put my component in debug mode and saw no errors regarding volvo on call. I got response back for the queries status, location and trips. Not sure why HA is only processing the location part. Perhaps the content of the status and trips message changed? But then I probably should have seen an error in the logs…

After updating Hassio to 0.99 my volvo entities were all back. But after a restart of home-assistant all entities are gone. I had them for 25 minutes.
What was changed? I just added the Pi-Hole sensor. Eventhough When I delete the pi-hole sensor Volvo is still not working.

Error in log:
ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.setup] Unable to prepare setup for platform volvooncall.binary_sensor: Unable to set up componen

I have the same issues. To me it looks like the platform has longer timeouts than the component in HA is allowing which results in 90% failures to connect to the service, and HA will not keep trying until there is a connection. Most of the time all sensors/locks/switches are gone. Today I’m lucky and it works but I restart HA quite often due to development reasons.

I’m running HA 0.100.0.dev20190927 now, stupid docker builds of HA/raspberry are tagging dev builds as latest… but thats another annoying issue.

Hi RezzZ,

Thanks for your reply. Good to hear I’m not the only one.
Sounds plausible indeed. Let’s hope HA or gives us the option to upscale the time out or they will do it for us in a new build.

Kind regards