Volvo Outside Temperature

My Volvo knows what the outside temperature is (Volvo On Call App), but this isn’t available in Homeassistant?

I also miss that! Please add it!

Yes, would be helpful to have.

I have added a pullrequest with what i believe will add this :slight_smile:

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Hi Mattias!
Good work!
I’m new to github and the pull request stuff… It looks like your request i canceled or Do I missunderstand it completely?
I installed The Volvo On Call plugin a few days ago and I can not see the car temperature in home assistant. Everything else is there I think. :slight_smile: Car is V60 from 2017.
Is there any chance I can make work or Do we need to get support from home assistans and/or volvo on call?
Best regards

Seems like the development never finished, or another PR was submitted. Hopefully we can get this kick started :slight_smile:

Not sure how much for kickstarting this… But it seems it’s still not part of the current iteration of this integration. Still wish it would be.

I could try to manually update as the PR states. I haven’t had the time yet to dive into it.