Volvo2Mqtt: Connect your AAOS Volvo 🚙

I already have this addon installed and configured.
Got plenty of sensors but no obvious way to control charging.

Noticed this wasn’t reply to my messages. But anyways additional info.

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I think the best way to control WHEN the car will be charged in your home is using a connected charger, because the car will respect the limits imposed by the car.

I’m controlling my juicebox and determining when the cars can charge.

But as the volvo API is not available on my country I can only estimate the battery during charging. To get the battery data during usage of car I’m using Car Stats Viewer and Traccar

If we would not already have (dum)charger this would be my way to solve this.
But would prefer not to start replacing it even when it was “included” with house as its fairly new.

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Can anyone help me with this one…? I can’t seem to find the entity at all… Have been trying to work this out for months lol (Bit of a rookie)

I am. Sort of works, but not all sensors.
It’s a bit strange, because the debug log tells me that some of the “unsupported” sensors are present, but they are not showing in the HA app.

I think I’m struggling most with getting this to work in the Volvo developer environment. Is there some kind of walkthrough for that?
Feeling quite a noob on this, but maybe this helps other noobs.

Original message:

Thanks for you reply. I logged the part when I reloaded the integration.
After this it says it didn’t find any devices or entities.

This is the log. (FYI: I put some spaces inbetween the links, otherwise it wouldn’t let me post here.

2024-06-25 10:37:22.463 INFO (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] volvooncall.volvooncall 0.10.3 /usr/local/lib/python3.12/site-packages/volvooncall/
2024-06-25 10:37:22.464 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Using service <https: //vocapi. wirelesscar. net/customerapi/rest/v3.0/>
2024-06-25 10:37:22.464 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] User:
2024-06-25 10:37:22.465 INFO (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Updating
2024-06-25 10:37:22.465 INFO (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Querying vehicles
2024-06-25 10:37:22.465 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Request for https:// vocapi. wirelesscar. net/customerapi/rest/v3.0/customeraccounts
2024-06-25 10:37:22.618 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Received {‘username’: ‘MY EMAIL ADRESS’, ‘firstName’: ‘NAME’, ‘lastName’: ‘NAME’, ‘accountId’: ‘ACCOUNT NUMBER’, ‘account’: ‘https:// vocapi.wirelesscar. net/customerapi/rest/v3.0/customeraccounts/ACCOUNT NUMBER’, ‘accountVehicleRelations’: }
2024-06-25 10:37:22.618 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] Account for received
2024-06-25 10:37:22.619 DEBUG (MainThread) [volvooncall.volvooncall] State: {}
2024-06-25 10:37:22.619 DEBUG (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.volvooncall] Finished fetching volvooncall data in 0.155 seconds (success: True)

I’m posting my semi-monthly post sadly asking if maybe anyone in North America has gotten this working? Anybody? No? Is Volvo still forsaking us without any explanation or forecast for when it might be changed? Okay …

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Responding to your sad post with a similarly sad post - same here in Australia. :frowning_face:

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Same here in Canada, sad

If you’re in a region that is blocked from using the API (or even if you’re not but just believe that Volvo should communicate with its customers), please feel free to reach out to them via email and/or social media!

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Can anyone help work out how to use the exterior picture as part of a button card image.
If I manually use the entity_picture attribute it displays the picture correctly but the access token changes regularly.

I want the code to to use the state_attr so it updates dynamically but struggling to work out how to do it, can anyone help

var_image: >

I use customize of entity

  icon: mdi:car
  friendly_name: Volvo EV
  entity_picture: /local/img/VolvoEV.png

And you copy locally the file into /config/www/img/

I think you can do it same kind of way.

don’t know what’s going on. 10 emails with OTP code fill in the new one but the same thing all the time. What am I doing wrong.

after many tries i managed to get it working.

I have a EX30 and it’s not compatible with this addon or the official integration.
I’ve sniffed the application and it seems that it uses a completely different API (the same one used by Smart #1/#3, what makes sense).

I’ve contact Volvo Developers asking if the EX30 will be compatible with the current Public API.
They said that the EX30 data will be available soon and they will have an update after summer vacations.

Hope it uses the same API and all the same endpoints, so there’s no need to make changes on this addon

I am sure the device tracker used to give the address where the car was located, but now it just seems to shows as “Home” or “Away”.

Did something change on the recent updates that I missed?