VPN and Home Assistant?

Hi, how can I configure a vpn to access Home Assistant? what do you recommend to create a vpn?
can you give me points in favor and against having Home Assistant under VPN?

This completely depends on your network setup. Does your router support running a VPN SERVER or will you need to run it on something else?

You can run VPN Server on just about any OS, on most hardware, there is even a ‘pi-vpn’

Whatever you are comfortable with.

it’s more secure than opening your HA to the world.

You can’t use google assistant component without exposing your HA instance, but you could use the cloud option.

And don’t think of a VPN as allowing you access to ONLY your Home Assistant. A VPN will allow you to access ANY resource on your home network.


I’ve been using an old Pi2 as an OpenVPN Server for a few years now - works great.
If I would set it up today, I’d probably use my Unifi Edge Router or my Synology NAS for this purpose, though.

And, as @flamingm0e writes, it give me access to my whole network without exposing any component to the interweb themselves, i.e. security cameras, NAS, Unifi AP Controler software, etc.

I don’t have Google Assistant listening in on my daily life, though, so I cannot comment about it - oops, just did :wink:

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