VPN client integrated into Home assistant app iOS/Android

In order to connect to HA from outside your network from the phone, you need to either use duckdns and open ports in your router

Or connect via VPN.
To connect via VPN you need to enable VPN settings on your whole phone(at least in iOS), or maybe (not sure about this last one) enable VPN inside a browser app, though browser would let us just see dashboards but won’t upload the phone sensors (battery, location…)

I would love to have the VPN enabled just for HA app on the phone.

Adding the possibility to VPN straight from the app would be great.

And most importantly. SAFER than opening ports.

What’s wrong with a VPN for your whole phone? That way other apps are safer too.

Besides that, Iike the ha developers to spend their time on cool features like they do now, not working on a VPN client. But you are welcome to develop it.

Why not use Nabu Casa for that ? instead of looking for cumbersone solutions ?? and you’ll help project also :wink:

If you use the Tailscale addon / VPN, only the Tailscale traffic will go through the VPN, not all your traffic (by default at least), if that’s what you mean.

If you actually mean to enable a VPN per app, I doubt this is possible.

On iOS LTP2 VPNs tend to self disconnect after some time. Also Speeds drop massively.
I wouldn’t mind for myself to connect and disconnect the VPN, but thinking about my 70yo parents :S

Ok, I know now why I don’t use an iphone. Thank you.

If you feel adventurous…

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