VPN, pfSense, Nabu Casa

I have been using the paid Nabu Casa subscription to enable the access of my HASS instance at home from anywhere, using the Apple iOS HASS Companion App on my iPhone, and it has been working great !, no issues. I am now thinking of adding a VPN for outgoing internet access from my home. I have a pfSense box, and the VPN can be installed on it so that all devices in my home access the internet through the VPN, including my stand-alone HASS server (HA-Blue) ? .

My question is, will adding a VPN affect my use of the Nabu Casa access subscription ? I understand Nabu Casa uses something like Tailscale to create a virtual network of my phone with my home HASS server ? and wondering if the VPN will interfere with the virtual Nabu Casa network ?

I am not at all a network guy, so have little knowledge of all this…