VPN Remote Problem / Amplifi

Hey Guys,

i use my Amplifi with the Teleport function but i cant get acces to my Hass. In the Forum i find no working sheets for my port problem. Have anyone a solution for me?

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Same here.
Is there any solution for this?

Yes! I reach my Hass and my Homebridge now.

The solution was to reach over the VPN not only by tipping the ip Adress. I need this path


Tnx for reply.

Still thus not work for me. Browser reply is “192.168.x.x refused to connect”.

Are you using browser or companion app?
I tried both, but no luck …

Maybe some authorization or setup need to be done in HA also?
Btw. I don’t have Nabucasa account (yet) …

Hey! Sorry for my late answer.

I use both. App and Browser. In the App you must config your adress for the outside use :slight_smile:

In the browser i have this adress