VS Code Editor with Docker Supervised

Why is this only available with the Hassio OS?

HAOS is basically Supervised with a dedicated OS, so no differences regarding available addons.

Sorry what I was saying was that it is my understanding that the VS Code editor with the autocomplete type feature was only available for those with the Home Assistant OS, not those using Docker - ?

All the installation methods (besides Core) use docker under the hood.

Do you have a Supervised installation as indicated in the title (not HAOS but you have addons) or Container installation (plain docker; no addons)?

VSCode is an addon, so if you use neither HAOS nor an actual Supervised installation, you cannot install it indeed.

I am thoroughly confused now. Please note the attached and let me know -

Yeah, it’s confusing for most :slight_smile:
You are indeed running Supervised.

So you should be able to install the addon.

Can you point me to a link with some directions that would work? I will report back on this thread regarding any issues - because any options I try do not work (add-on not available, etc etc)

Ah, not available on ARM

Maybe at least on windows in a browser to edit files (such as configuration.yaml) on a Windows 64bit AMD machine automatically keeping said files in sync with the local ethernet connected headless RPI? I wouldn’t know where to find the instructions for setting that up and - is that even possible (what a headache!)?

Addons are docker containers running alongside HA.
If your HA is running on ARM (RPI or Odroid by instance), it won’t work.

You can install Visual Studio Code on your windows, then connect it to your HA through SSH.
You’ll need the “Home Assistant” Visual Code Extension for similar functionality.

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