VS Code no longer does auto-complete correctly

I’ve been using the VS Code (Studio Code Server) Add-on since almost my first day with HA, and it has been pretty flawless. Recently (since Nov 23) auto-completion for keywords, eg ‘mode:’ and for trigger/condition blocks gives the wrong completion - the only completion that works is for entity IDs. I used to find that typing ‘m’ after a group of automation actions would offer me ‘mode:’ as the completion, and when I accepted the completion I would be presented with a list containing ‘single’, ‘parallel’, etc but all I get now is the gibberish in the screenshot. I’ve no updates outstanding and deleting and re-installing the Add-on makes no difference to the behaviour. Help!

Yes, I have noted the same issue; it is still present with the latest HA update a few days ago.

I’ve raised the following issue for this problem Auto-completion for keywords and parameters not working with VS Code v5.10.0 · Issue #770 · hassio-addons/addon-vscode · GitHub

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