Wait for trigger - OR function

Hello together,

i am missing in automations very often the OR function in wait for trigger.
I have multiple automations they are connected with my telegram bot or via powershell.

When this automations running they ask me to set specific parameters or it waits on a press on a fixed keyboard like
“Would you start the server?”

In this kind of automations to make this more smoother i need the new feature OR for the wait for trigger function.

When i use my example with the OR feature the automation would wait until the timeout comes when i am not pressing any button or it would wait until i press the YES or NO button.

Maybe other people here have the same problems.


An automation’s trigger section and a wait_for_trigger statement in an automation’s action section are able to support more than one trigger. By default, multiple triggers are logically ORed.

It’s really difficult to understand this issue. Are you asking for a feature that has Automation prompt you for a YES/NO answer or are you asking how to do something? If asking for this feature, having a prompt would sort of be contrary to the concept of automation.

Use a template trigger and ‘or’ all you want.

you mean because of trigger? I was thinking that he waits until all triggers was triggered ones