Wait_template using delay_off in a template

trying this:

      - wait_template: >
          {{ is_state('binary_sensor.poort_buiten_motion_sensor_timed','off')}}

using this template binary_sensor

        friendly_name: 'Poort buiten motion sensor timed'
        value_template: >
          {{ is_state('binary_sensor.poort_buiten_motion_sensor','on')}}
          seconds: >
             {{states('input_number.presence_timer')|int }}
        device_class: motion

errors on the binary_sensor expecting an int. Apparently the template binary_sensor doesn’t accept a template for the delay_off? Not sure this is it though, so I’ve asked on current issue on Github for a template binary sensor also, but maybe anyone here knows what to do?

If it is not yet accepting a template yet, guess I need to create a feature request…though it feels to be an issue/bug considering the other delay possiblities, so reported that here: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/26843

should be as simple as copying the template option for regular delay we already can use in scripts/automations as documented here?

please have a look, thanks

It’s in the documentation:

yes, I’ve read that, of course, and hence made my remark maybe I need a feature request.
otoh, there’s also the documentation on regular delay in scripting/automation which does use the templating.

It would at least be consistent if both regular delay and delay_on/off for the template binary_sensor would use the same possibilities of declaring the time used in the delay.

Especially since this is the template binary_sensor…