Wait until conversation.process is done with OpenAI

I have a conversation.process that I send to OpenAI and get a response, that response is used as announce with media_player.play_media. The process for OpenAi takes a couple of seconds and the media_player.play_media does not seem to wait for that and the message is not spoken on my speaker. It works properly if you add a manual delay for a couple of seconds. I have tried to use some kind of wait-for in the script without success, is there any way to do that so the script waits for the response variable to be ready before sending it to the media_player.play_media

service: conversation.process
metadata: {}
  agent_id: c0db164c2385ed1d4315b51db51475b3
  text: >-
response_variable: chatgpt
enabled: true
service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.play_1_koket
  announce: true
  media_content_id: >
    {{ 'media-source://tts/cloud?message="' ~
    chatgpt.response.speech.plain.speech ~ '"'}}
  media_content_type: music
    volume: 30
enabled: true
  1. How do you call the script? There are two ways. One waits until the script has finished. The other one not: Scripts - Home Assistant
  2. Are you sure about the response format? you can check this in the developer tools, by calling the service and have a look at the response.