Wake from sleep or hibernate if PC doesn't support WOL?

I have a Windows 10 Asus laptop that does not support WOL (huge bummer) so I use the HASS.agent each night to put it into hibernate state. Since I don’t have WOL to wake it in the morning, is there anything else I could do other than physically pressing the power button each morning?

Let a switchbot physically press the button.
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Thanks @Edwin_D but my choice would be to have a “free” solution.

If the device is not responding to electronic outside stimuli (WOL), then I do not see how any other solution would work. Sometimes a bluetooth connected device is able to wake from standby, but not from hibernate (which is off, with state saved to disk). Sometimes a dock has a power button, but that too is requiring hardware. There is not software running to do the trick in hibernate mode.

That’s what I was afraid of @Edwin_D. I was just hoping there was some magic I wasn’t aware of.

Just one question - when you say “standby” do you mean “sleep”?

yes. sleep.

Look into the BIOS.
There might be an option to turn on when power gets connected.
If that is the case, then a smartplug might cut the power for a few minutes and then reconnect it. Just make sure that the power is off for long enough for the condensators in the power supply brick to discharge completely.

That’s a great suggestion @WallyR but I don’t think this will work in this case - it’s a laptop - battery.

Perhaps it has a BIOS schedule option to power up at a certain time?


Unfortunately @Troon , my bios doesn’t include the Real time clock option. I went through every possible menu item. Thanks so much for the suggestion though. Step 3 says that ErP is an Energy- related product in Europe - I’m in the US so I guess we aren’t lucky enough to have it.

The is a BIOS setting especially for laptops.
It is a setting used when the laptop is connected to a docking station.

But maybe you could post the maker and model, then we can check the manuals for you.

Asus TP470EA: Link to manual download

I hope you find something I didn’t.

It is a pretty cheap featureless BIOS you have, so there is no luck, sorry.

That’s what I assumed but thanks for looking @WallyR. It was originally purchased as an inexpensive exercise PC to hook into a TV. Now it’s also a large HA/camera monitor the rest of the day.

How about getting something like a WEMOS D1 Mini, and using it (via a relay), to do a momentary closure of the laptop power switch via ESPHome.

You would need to take the laptop apart and interface a mini relay in parallel to the power button (so that either the relay or the power button can power it up).

Then you could power the WEMOS D1 Mini using an always-on USB output on the laptop

Then configure it via ESPHome and then write an automation to do a 1 second on/off cycle, whenever you needed it.

Not “free”, but almost free (maybe £8), and quite a cool little project.

Thanks for the suggestion @robbo100 but opening up a laptop takes me out of my comfort level. A desktop PC I wouldn’t mind. I guess I’ll just have to stick with the ole finger press solution.

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