Wake on lan google home

hi i’m still very new to this managed to get a few things working like wake on lan now i’m trying to find a away to integrate google home so i can say “hay google wake pc”

If you setup the WOL Switch, you should be able to expose that to Google Assistant and do this pretty seamlessly - just name your switch “PC.” Note that you would say “turn on PC” rather than “wake PC” but you could also setup a shortcut in Google Home App to be able to say “wake” if you really wanted to.

i have the WOL Switch set up how to i expose it to google assistant

Ah, have you already exposed Home Assistant to the internet so that you can access remotely (i.e. opened a port on your router)?

I ask because the next step could vary based on your response.

nope i have setup HA cloud and have google home connected and controlling hue though

Great! So do you already have something similar to the below?

        - switch

If so you might just need to ask Google to sync your devices. See note at the bottom of the docs.

sorry about late reply no i dont have that in my config

Perhaps I didn’t understand what you meant by this then.

To get Google Home connected to HA and expose your WOL switch you’ll need to do something like the code I included above. Check out the rest of the docs for setting up Google Assistant and see if that helps you get where you want to go.

sorry mate it was me not understanding working sweat now thanks