Wake_on_lan not responding on Hass.io installation - docker related?

I have setup wake_on_lan for my Philips tv and added a switch but nothing happens. The TV should support the feature (can activate in through the GUI of the TV) and it is responsive when I use the Philips app to wake the tv.

I cam across this post Wake on lan not working - mentioning that because of docker I need to add “–net=host” to my run call. The thing is, I have no idea what that means - but I would like to try it. Has anyone experienced similar issues?

My configuration is the following:

 platform: wake_on_lan
 mac_address: 5c:93:a2:xx:xx:xx
 name: TV
 host: 10.1.1.xx

i have the same problem.
but im running it form a service.
I dont know how to do it.

if you run your docker from a docker command, try this
docker run --net=host […]
source: https://forums.docker.com/t/should-docker-run-net-host-work/14215

If someone know how to add it on the service, please lets me know…

my config : /etc/systemd/system/hassio-supervisor.service

Description=Hass.io supervisor
After=docker.service dbus.socket

ExecStartPre=-/usr/bin/docker stop hassio_supervisor
ExecStop=-/usr/bin/docker stop hassio_supervisor