Wake on lan switch not working, no entry in log

Hello everyone,

I would like to wake up my PC using Home Assistant.

I followed a tutorial that seemed quite simple, but unfortunately, it’s not working.

So I added this kind of code to my configuration.yaml

  - platform: wake_on_lan
    mac: A1:B2:C3:D4:E5
    name: "mypc"
    host: "" 
    broadcast_port: "9"

I am forced to go through the public address of my network because my Home Assistant and my PC are not on the same subnet. Currently, when connecting my phone to the same network as my HA (which is different from my PC’s network), it works.

However, the signal is not received by my computer when I click on the button in the dashboard.

I am monitoring “magic packet” with the “Wake on LAN monitor” application.

So, I’m trying to identify the problem, starting at the beginning. When I activate the button set to the newly created entity “switch.mypc” nothing appears in the log section.

I have already completely restarted my HA several times.

What did I miss?

Do you have any ideas?

In advance, thank you.

Core: 2023.12.2
Supervisor: 2023.11.6
Operating System: 11.2
User Interface: 20231208.2