Wake Word not recognized using Assist Microphone

I’ve installed the Assist Microphone Add On and attached a USB speakerphone (Jabra) to the Raspberry Pi 4 hosting Home Assistant. I have applied the latest HA OS and Home assistant loads. Additionally, I have installed OpenWakeWord Add on and added OpenWakeWord to the Wyoming protocol. I’m using a single pipeline named Home Assistant and have chosen OpenWakeWord and “ok nabu” as my wake word. I read in another post where you have to enable wake word use on the microphone. I’ve gone to Devices and looked at the Assist Microphone item, but don’t see the Control card where you can enable or disable it. So far, my Jabra speakerphone is happily flashing it’s LED at me and is blisfully ignoring my wake word attempts. What else should I be checking?

I’ve found this message in the Assist Microphone Add On log: [SSLCertVerificationError: (1, “[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: Hostname mismatch, certificate is not valid for ‘homeassistant’. (_ssl.c:992)”)]

I’m using the Duckdns add on. It’s log is not indicating a certificate expiration.

Did you manage to get his working?

I’ve got the same certificate error.
I’m also using a Jabra which I connect to RPi4 so I wonder if that’s related or just a coincidence.

I’m using cloudflared for remote access and obviously that’s using https. But I’m a bit confused how there can be a connection error internally like this.

Yes, I did get it working. I had to set the host field of the assist microphone addon to be my external FQDN minus the https:// and minus the :8123, so something akin to just “my.duckdns.org

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That appears to have worked for me too, thanks for sharing!