Wake Word not working on Samsung android devices


I want to use the Home Assistant voice assistant (Assist). But I don’t succeed to have wake words working on my android devices (a tablet and a smartphone).

The Assistant is correctly configured in my Home Assistant, with the OpenWakeWord add-on, and the standard wake word “Ok Nabu”. In the Android devices, the digital assistant is set to “Home Assistant”. But if I say the wake word, it does not activate Assist… If I manually launch Assist, then I can command HA entities with the voice. So, microphone is working, the digital assistant direct correctly to HA. Just the Wake Word does not seem to be recognized. I tried with the Google Assistant instead, on the 2 devices, and the “hey google” is recognized…
Any idea what is wrong?
Thank you

I don’t think the wake word works on Android. I maybe wrong though.

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No Assist wake word on android device.
You can use Tasker and HotwordPlugin

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You can also install a streaming web cam app that supports streaming voice and then use the open wake word pipeline on android. It’s documented in this forum post View Assist - Visual feedback for Assist voice assistant on an Android tablet (Install info provided on Wiki) and wiki Home · dinki/View-Assist Wiki · GitHub

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Is this documented somewhere ? If not, it should be.

The instructions point to setting HA as a default “digital assistant app” on Android. What’s the point of doing that if the wake word doesn’t work ? Just to be able to swipe from the bottom corners ?


Otherwise, you need to do the tasker and the above.