Wake word sensitivity

I have connected an Anker PowerConf S330 to a Raspi 4 and installed the ha-satellite.
We are using German as the speech to text but the “hey jarvis” as wake word from the openwakeword.
Unfortunately we get tons of false positives which drives us mad. I also tested the jarvis variant from the porcupine add-on but the situation is identical. The German wake words are just crap so they are not really an option. Is it possible to change the sensitivity of the wake word? Or any other hint how to make it more precise? I thought jarvis is a good match as we would never say this word under normal circumstances.
For reference I call the satellite with --noise-suppression 2

In the openWakeWord addon configuration tab there are two options (threshold and trigger level) that can be used to reduce false positives.

Porcupine also has a sensitivity option, note that for porcupine the description is wrong, higher value means more activations.

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Thanks for your help!