Wake word toggle disabled on m5stack atom echo

took me a while to figure out how to get the m5stack atom echo working as i don’t have a typical HA installation. i run HA in a vm on proxmox. there are definitely some critical pieces of info missing from most of the guides on how to get the atom echo working - like the yaml config of the device in esphome is very specific. anyway, once i figured that out, most of the integrations started working. however, the “use wake word” and “use listen light” toggles are disabled and i can’t seem to figure out how to enable them. it’s working as i would expect when the button is pressed. anyone know what i’m missing here?

firmware is: 2024.5.5
i’m using this config for the device: firmware/voice-assistant/m5stack-atom-echo.yaml at f9290e1925a3840ef5fc43a5ec5dcb2c704b2d7f · esphome/firmware · GitHub


and here’s my assistant config:

Turns out, my execution was a little out of order and I probably should have added lets encrypt first (been procrastinating on that).

  1. set up lets encrypt - super easy with cloudflare (sign up if needed, make an api token) video here: https://youtu.be/hUDAlS8YICI?si=sJy3_gV8bWH_7_6F

  2. make sure your home assistant installation has bluetooth available and the integration is installed. (this is how the device is detected initially)

  3. install esphome

  4. follow the rest of the steps here $13 voice assistant for Home Assistant - Home Assistant