Wake word training

I have trained a wakw word using the Training Environment:

I just feel like Im missing something here…
I can get the word trained fairly well. I put the first 2 sliders up all the way to 50,000 and set the false_activation_penalty in a range from the default 1500 to 2500. Ive trained several models in that range. I can get them to where they dont get false activations, but then I have to pretty much yell at it to get it to activate if I have any background noise going.
In one section it states “Training custom models requires downloading a wide variety of data that will help make the model perform well in real-world scenarios. This example notebook will download small samples of background noise, music, and Room Impulse Responses (to add echo). This will still produce a custom model that performs well, but if you are interested in adding even more, feel free to extend this notebook to download the full datasets and even add your own!
Does anybody know what to do here? What does it mean by extending the notebook?
The false activations annoy the wife and Im tring to get this resolved…
Any help would be appreciated.