Walchem w600 in home assistant

Hello forum. I am looking for a bit of help/guidance on this issue that I’m having. For background, I’m not a programmer and work in the commercial/industrial water treatment industry. I use home assistant primarily as a central hub for my weather station and vue energy monitor. On to my question

I have a spare water treatment controller from walchem. It’s the w600 model. This can tell me soooo many different variables on water ph conductivity, orp, also read 4-20 amp inputs, read water meter data. blah blah blah. It does a lot. How do I get home assistant to pull and collect all the data from this device locally. I’m posting in esp home because I’m assuming…. That if I use an esp 32 and flash it I may be able to pull the data.

But I really don’t know. I’m basically trying to pull massive amounts of data. From a computer that’s sole job is a log and trend about 60 different variables

Intuition-6 Series Water Treatment Controllers | Chlorine Controllers says

  • Ethernet option for remote access via the Internet, LAN or Modbus/TCP and BACnet

So you should be able to use this Modbus - Home Assistant