Wall Dashboards Component?

I’ve been playing with the new HADashboard v2 and the homeDash for Android that @ray0711 shared… and he put in a feature to control the dashboard over MQTT which I never knew I wanted but now it’s kind of mandatory to me :slight_smile: .

So that goes great for a spare Android tablet I have but in the future I expect I will have old iPads that will need a use too. So it got me thinking…

Maybe it makes sense to strive towards a dashboard component for HASS, and a few applications for different platforms that agree to some common functionality/protocol (eg, URL control, sending messages, remote wake, maybe sounds, motion sensor on the camera, remote configuration, etc) so that component is consistent and simple for people to run with regardless of the hardware they are using?

I wasn’t sure if anyone knew of any other apps that are already doing this, but I hadn’t seen it before. Most apps are focused on being Kiosks, and aren’t necessarily focused around being part of a home automation ecosystem, so I think this is an opportunity.