Wall Mount...Android, Fire, Security question

Hi All, I’m trying to figure out what path I should take for a wall mount table that will be running HA. I just purchased a cheap 10" Android but I’m having second thoughts because of possible security issues. It seems that I have a few options but I need help weighing out the pros & cons…

  • Android 10" tablet (a cheap, chinese, option). I just purchased one off of Amazon.
    Pro: Cheap ($50), runs HA natively
    Con: Possible security/hacking issues?

  • Fire HD 10" tablet (with lockscreen ads).
    Pro: More secure than android?
    Con: More expensive ($95), harder to install HA, ads

  • Fire HD 10" tablet (without lockscreen ads).
    Pro: More secure than android?
    Con: More expensive ($110), harder to install HA

Since I already have the android tablet (still within the return window), I would prefer to use this, but security may be an issue. I would need to somehow determine if this table is safe to use.

Any suggestions or working setups would be appreciated.

Can you place it behind a firewall so it cannot get access to the internet?


If you’re worried about security/hacking issues, you’re barking up the wrong tree with an Amazon tablet.
I’d just remove all preinstalled apps from the cheap tablet (google debloating + your model), set up a dummy gmail account and a local-only user in Ha App and be done with it. Extra points for following Roxy’s suggestion to disable internet access.

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Get yourself a used (cheap) tablet with good custom rom support which allows updates and debloating.

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Amazon Fire is android, but newho.

Local tablet, network access only, and don’t give access to the outside world since there is no reason. That’s why HA exists.

No reason to worry about security for something that is displaying a local webpage. Devices don’t just ‘magically’ become insecure and start transmitting your bank secrets. Even with some of the flaws and exploits that may exists, it would require the bad actor to be so close to your home anyways that they might as well just walk upstairs and clear out the jewelry box and move on.

Thanks for all the advice. I never thought that blockig internet access to this device would take care of my security concerns. I added the MAC to my firewall so it can not access the internet but can still connect to local devices. I’ll also implement some of the other suggestions. Thanks