Wall-mounted dashboard


I saw something similar here a while ago. So inspired by that dashboard, I gave a shot for my own. Just basic picture frame fitted with Lenovo Tab 10HD running Fully Kiosk app with Motion Detection. Price for the setup was about 30 euros plus tablet.

I think it’s a good example of what the vanilla Lovelace can do. You don’t actually need external dashboard software to make this usable and pretty.

Backend is running on FreeNAS virtual server (ubuntu) on a docker container. Aqara sensors, Hue and Osram Lightify zigbee lights all over the place. Few Roomba vacuum cleaners and my car is also connected to this (BMW Connected Drive). Tado thermostat for floor heating. Added also home calendar for quick view.

And of course the local bus stop with realtime schedule. This was easy to integrate with panel-mode and website card: http://labra.drolli.fi/random/kuvat/kotipaneeli_alakerta_bussit.jpg

Wife approved this setup :slight_smile:


Nice, but can you show us how you actually fitted the tablet into the frame?

I’ve done this before. Just buy a frame the right size, make sure it’s thick enough for a tablet and not just a picture, and remove the glass. Fit the tablet and mark where you need the charger, then cut a little notch for the cable. Depending on where you mount it you might be able to fold the charger back and hide it completely. Then put the back of the frame on. If there’s free space, you may need some foam or cardboard directly behind the tablet to space it out. Then hang it up! When I did it I used double sided tape on 4 corners so it wouldn’t wobble when you tap on it. The other trick is to put the charger on a smart outlet and automate it to turn on and off with the battery charge level on the tablet. This will extend the battery life and prevent the battery expanding and creating a fire hazard. It also raises your chances of being able to use the tablet for something else later if you get lucky and the battery isn’t totally shot

Dood description thanks. I often thought these might be good for the purpose.

Hi @Gascal, nice project!
What are you using for motion detection?

How is the performance on the Tablet? Does it lag? Can you use the integrated Alexa?

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