Wall mounted garage door opener reccomendations?

I’m having a 2 post lift installed in my new home and I need to go with a wall mounted opener.
Are there any good locally controlled openers?

I know Chamberlin isnt local but i definitely wouldn’t be going with that after the recent drama.

Genie has a good one but I dont think it’s local.

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What are the requirements? If you just need to close a contact for a certain time a Shelly + push button of choice should do the trick.

The requirements are the it needs to be wall mounted to save overhead space for a lift and local control would be nice.

Both is given with a Shelly and a wall mounted button of your choice.

I dont understand how a shelly would help me in this situation when the genie 6172’s wall controller is wireless not wired.

First time I read about your(?) wireless genie controller… I asked for the requirements and expect information like that or something like “only need to open/close a dry contact” to make it work…

Maybe try to rephrase your question providing all details of hardware already installed and what additions you like and how they should connect to the present setup.

There is no hardware currently installed. I mentioned I needed a wall mounted garage door opener. To my knowledge there are only two chamberlin and genie. I was asking if any others exist that have local control. All i know is that I wouldnt be going with a chamberlin due to them recently pulling the api or something which leaves me with the genie unless another similar type of opener exists which is what I was asking if anyone knew if one like that existed.

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Did you come up with an answer to this question? I’m looking into replacing my opener with a jackshaft device, and the Genie 6072H has a 2-pin “BWC” terminal which is short for “Basic Wall Console”. I’m hoping this could be activated by a Shelly or other relay-type device.

Any Garage door opener motor can be turned local when it has contacts for a relay to be used as a switch to trigger it to open and close then you just tie in an automation that when x button or NFC tag is pressed or scanned it will open or close the garage door.