Wall panel with 19" touch screen


While moving to new home, decided to set-up a wall panel for my HA instance. There are many self-made projects this kind, but costs a lot, looks not-so-good (yep, wife acceptance ;-)) or needs lot of printing/drilling/working. I’ve planned to use old tablet (but mine was too old for HA), PC monitor (but it not looks nice), but every time concepts failed by lack of time or ideas.

Lately found on local marketplace a second-hand 19" LCD with touchscreen from medical scanner.

Nice look, nice size - well, lets try!

Hardware part: main problem was to run completely unknown device. A lot of strange cables, sockets and connectors…

After not-so-easy tests and research monitor surrendered. It was ST5G190EG02V1 (try to google it :slight_smile: ) with eGalaxTouch capacitive panel. Resolution 1280x1024 was good enough. 12V 3A supply, DP cable, USB for touch panel, few wall screws ( behind the back metal plate of the monitor, flush with the wall)… and it hangs!

Few moments later, after connecting to PC, rotating screen and touch panel starts to cooperate:

Seems to working fine, even video was smooth:

Software part - for me it was enough to rotate Linux console using

append="rotate:1 fbcon=rotate:3"

in lilo.conf (yes, I’m using old-fashioned LILO) and

xrandr --orientation left
xinput set-prop 'eGalax Inc. eGalaxTouch EXC7200-7791v1.003          ' --type=float "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 0 -1 1 1 0 0 0 0 1
xset dpms 60 60 60

in .config/openbox/autostart for rotating device and power saving. It was working fine, but … one day touch panel stops working without a reason. It was visible in a system, but touch functions failed on system drivers - really don’t know why. Found new drivers at eGalaxTouch Linux Driver and after few minutes of compilation it moves on. Because of changed device name I’ve changed xinput line to:

xinput set-prop 'eGalaxTouch Virtual Device for Touch' --type=float "Coordinate Transformation Matrix" 0 1 0 -1 0 1 0 0 1

Last step was to run chromium in kiosk mode with HA, standard way:

chromium \
    --no-first-run \
    --disable \
    --disable-translate \
    --disable-infobars \
    --disable-suggestions-service \
    --disable-save-password-bubble \
    --start-maximized \
    --ignore-certificate-errors \
    --ignore-urlfetcher-cert-requests \
    --kiosk "https://ha_address" &


And at the end it was need to hide DC/USB/DP cables using wall cover strips, put server into rack mount and run it all together.

The most important thing - wife accept this idea :smiley:



Hi, thank you for sharing your project. I’ve seen the same screen to buy and I’m thinking about it. Could you tell me something about view angles of this lcd? They are good enough (more like IPS ones) or not really (like older TFT screens)?

“they don’t look so good”

“ok let’s install a thick monitor on the wall with power cables running on the side”.

do your self a favor and buy a tablet.
more sensors, better control, higher resolution to fit things in…, camera, proximity, light sensor,
less depth… it will work even if the power fails… portable… less power drain…

Please take a look at last two photos - view angles are really good. There is no problem to see sharp and colour screens almost any angle.

Not really.

  1. Tablet never fits so well on the wall
  2. More sensors? What for (except proximity)?
  3. Portable? What for? :slight_smile:
  4. What for if power fails? :slight_smile:

Why not tablet?

  1. Its rather hard to buy quite cheap 19" tablet
  2. On my screen there is no OS which needs to be loading, booting… Just screen.
  3. Its allow me to see server booting process
  4. Don’t need additional apps, configuration, upgrading etc.
  5. Worst thing: charging. It is rather BAD idea to put 24/7 charger into tablet. Battery!

just recieved a simmilar screen, but it seems that i cannot find any power connection point.
Do I have to dismount metal backplate to find it?

Could you make photo of your screen? Bottom left corner, there should be socket with power lines, sth like that: