Wall plates that fit Aqara and other plastic bracket switches

I picked up some Aqara Zigbee switches during black friday, and they seem to be decent switches, with one glaring problem. They come with a single gang wall plate, which means that you need to provide your own wall plate for 2 or 3 gang situations. And unlike most switches, which are held by a thin metal bracket that screws to the gang box, these switches have a 1/8in thick plastic bracket. When using standard screwless wall plates, this 1/8in thickness prevent the wall plate from resting flush against the drywall. Theres are large gap- too large to ignore. And this isn’t a problem with the switches not being screwed down tightly enough- the switch brackets are resting on the gang box.

I’ve checked all big box stores (in US) and bought a few switch covers from amazon, but so far have not found one with the appropriate clearances that allow the plate to sit flushy against the wall. I have heard that some people shave down their gang box to deal with this problem, but I consider this last resort, as I would also have to remove some extra drywall in my situation.

And of course Aqara doesn’t offer a 2 gang wall plate.

Has anyone found a brand of wall plate that works with switches that have these thicker, plastic brackets instead of the thin metal ones?