Wall socket plug compatible with HA


Know that I’ve discovered the power of HomeAssistant, I would like to expand to other devices. I have everything controlled by Xiaomi (now HA), but the wall sockets are chinese and I need adapters which is not very nice.

I don’t think I have the need to move to Z-WAVE, 433Mhz or other protocol to have a second central, so I was considering to buy a tplink-hs110 that is supported by HA and has an affordable price.

Considering my scenario do you think it’s a good idea? Do you prefer other standalone wireless sockets? (ot others with an even more reasonable price?)

Thank you!

What about a Sonoff S20 and flash it for use with MQTT over Wifi?

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This is what I am starting to do… getting sick of zwave. I have one of these controlling my pump in the greenhouse irrigation system via HA… it is 20m away from wifi hub and RPi with zwave… zwave doesn’t reach but wifi does :slight_smile:

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I’me using 3 Sonoff S20 flashed with firmware from https://github.com/arendst/Sonoff-Tasmota and they work great even able to turn them on and off using Echo through HA.

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Thank you! I will buy one S20 just to git it a try!