Wall switch devices

I have a small HA system running without issue. One of the devices that is controlled is a wall switch, well kinda… I wired the wall switch as the controller for some device that i was able to cram the device into electrical box with the switch. The device controls the light either via HA or by flipping the wall switch on/off. Works fine.

I would like to expand the system and cannot know, in advance, if I will be able to hide a device in a switch’s electrical box. So, my question is simply this: Would you please either provide me with a list of switch devices, or simply point me to a page where they are listed, that can be used both manually and via HA to control a light. Ideally, such devices would be usable locally only, i.e., not having to register said device with some website somewhere.


There is no list and you are going to need to supply some more information before we can supply some suggestions.

Zigbee? Z wave? Wifi? Bluetooth?
Where in the world are you? Switch plate sizes are not universal.

Thanks for helping.

I am in the United States, upper midwest if that matters. I would prefer devices that have WiFi as I am already setup to handle that. Bluetooth probably wouldn’t work (to short range) and I am not sure of Zigbee or Z-Wave.