Wall switch recommendation


I’m currently looking for a way to make some light switches Smart and im looking for recommendations on what to use.

I don’t have a neutral wire so I thought about using Shelly 1L, but I can’t use a bypass and the load is not over 20W.

The light switch is a double frame frame, there is a one switch and a double switch.

A ZigBee compatible device is appreciated.

Region is EU and 230V

In my experience the most important thing is what is behind switch. Do you have round or square boxes in you wall or you just have rounded hole in it. As you know we in europe usually have switches with two hooks that are screwed into the wall to hold switch in place. Something like this

So the first thing will be to check how your switches are mounted into the wall.
I have rounded hole in wall for switch to be mounted. In my experience the best switches for this is bseed brand as it has metal plate. So when you mounted it in the wall switch frame will not bend.
Some other switches like moes have plastic frame and can easily be bend and it is hard to turn off on light in that case as switch takes a bit of force to engage.

Its a round one

I will try bseed with a metal plate. Most of my switches are zigbee bseed with metal plate as they can be easily mounted and they are very responsive on the touch.

yeah, I also thought about those, but I don’t think i can build them so close together to fit

As I know all switches have the same dimensions. Maybe 1 to 2 milimeters difference.

Yeah, but the current switches are smaller

About 15cm in total

One bseed switch is 8,6cm if I’m correct

It’s an older house so it’s a bit hard to find fitting switches

I have double switches just like you and I used two separate switches. They did fit. You can buy one plate for two switches. I don’t know will this fit. But as I installed most of my switches they did fit. You can screw them in the wall or in the plastic box or between wall and plastic box. Just don’t use provided screws.
Maybe you will have to make room for one switch but its doable. Just make hole little bigger on the bottom.
Every switch is around 8.6 cm. This is outer dimension. Dimension of the switch mounted on a metal plate is around 1 cm less.

I ordered 2, unfortunately it doesn’t work well, they overlap because I can’t put the further apart.