Wall switch recommendations

Hello guys
i would like to thank you all for this great community.
I have been learning from your shared projects and problems.
Currently im trying to add some smart wall switches to my home but im having some diffuclties. The problem is i live somewhere in middle east and the country use 220v (2 live wires) to power homes and there is no neutural line at all. What type of wall switches you guys recommend, Which works well with that type of power and home assistant as well.

Prefer from ali.express as it is the best place for me to do Online shopping right now

Edit: this is what i mean by 2 live wire

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Hello @rootshell1989,

I think there are already some threads about that.
Just search for “no neutral”.
This is just one of the results: Wall switch no neutral

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I could not find anything about 220v (2 live wires)(110v each )

Didn’t recognize the 2 live wires in your post, since I didn’t knew that until now, sorry man.
So you need wall switches for high power appliances that do operate both wires?
Assuming that simple bulbs are still powered by 120V.


I have 8 Switches of this developer. I’m testing for him and soon they will go in production.
Touch switches, based on ESPeasy. So you can program as how you want!!!


Well actually bulbs here are 220v powered.
Usually one wire goes directly to bulb and the other to wall switch then to bulb… But there is no neutral at all

Will this work with 220v ? 2live wires?

Super confused. Where I live I got 220/240V. 1 live wire and 1 neutral AFAIK with the live wire providing 240V. Very similar to UK if not exactly the same.

You’re saying that you have 2 live wires each providing 110/120V

I wonder how is your light bulb working then?


no 3rd wire at all??

Exactly only 2 wires … Each provides 110v

The two live wires have a 180° phase shift.
+110V --------------->(bulb)----------------> -110V

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Not sure regarding that but what i told you is what i have been told by our electrician

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Ah I see… thank you for explaining that makes sense. Now I guess my question is what’s the point but that’s out of scope of OP’s post :sweat_smile:

Yes. You also able to wire your bulbs When your HA system goes down you still can turn them on.
I have rules created with MQTT actions and some more other things to control led of the touch.

Check my github:

Hi @rootshell1989 ,

I guess the 2 live wires without neutral comes from the fact that the 220v in your area is made from the two poles of a three-phase system (an old one), there is something like that in some parts of my country as well.
So you don’t have a neutral, but I think the right kind of switch would be the one with the neutral wire, and you will just have to ‘impose’ one the wires as neutral, and then keep it coherent throughout the smart switch wiring.



Check out the Shelly Dimmer 2 - These can be wired behind your existing switches.

You are right it is 2 of 3 phase. Could you please explain more about the shematic digrame … Maybe a simple drawing for wiring could do the job.

Will that let me control the switch manually ?

I don’t know the usual electrician practice in your country; but in my country, on almost all wall switches; above the switch, near to the ceiling point there is a conduit hole which is generally covered by a plastic round cover. This point has the live as well as neutral and ground cables since it is the distribution point for that zone. I pulled out neutral from this point and send to wall switch down. It is generally about 1 to 1,5 meters of cable per wall switch. But the problem is the pipe going from the conduit hole to the wall switch is full, so you can not send the cable from this pipe within the wall so easily. What i did was to tape 2 cables to the already laid out live cable and use it as a guide and pull it down from the wall switch hole.

It may not be related to your installation at all, but just an idea, it may be useful for some people at all…

As again please cut all power down when working with electricity!

Thanks for sharing this mine is different .

I’d recommend those: https://www.aqara.com/en/smart_light_switch_no_neutral.html

They have all the variations you may need and they look great.

They only challenge you may have with them - they need a square mounting hole. Wan’t an issue for me, as they are square in UK.