Wall Touchscreen Monitor

Hi Guys,

i want to use a minimum 13" Screen for my House Automation.
Any Recommend´s for the Screen`?
It should use “Tap to Wake” or with a Proximity Sensor

I think most people just use a tablet for this.

which Tablet support Tap to Wake?

Most android devices support this out of the box, don’t know which android version introduced this or if this was supported from the beginning.for apple devices I have no clue.

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I have two tablets and three phones on different LineageOS, all of them can do “double-tap-to-wake-up”. It is a configuration setting. Xiaomi devices with original MIUI can do this setting as well. :slight_smile:


which Tablets do you use with lineage os?

One is my (very) old Nexus7, thanks to Lineage it still works great as my “entrance” tablet for HA.

The other one is a new (three or four months old) FireHD8, that I directly installed with Lineage after purchase (it’s easier, if you don’t start the FireOS setup and directly install Lineage). It serves as “kitchen-and-wherever-needed” tablet. I wouldn’t use it as a real tablet, but surfing the internet for recepies or to look something up, it’s great. But I got it in one of the last Amazon blowouts for under 50.-€, that’s afair price. :slight_smile:

You can use a combination of MotionEye and Tasker to auto wake the screen on nearby movement.
And maybe even combine it as a motion-sensor to with the Tasker-MQTT plugin.
(still testing things out here with my old tablet :slight_smile: )