Wallbox API reference used in HA Wallbox Integration?

Dear all,

I’m working on a Smart Car Charging automation to maximize the energy drawn from solar. It’s somehow similar to the EcoSmart feature offered by Wallbox, but as I am fully disconnected from the grid in Spain, I needed various tweaks including context of my Solar system, home battery SOC, and car SOC - all are integrated either through ModBus or existing HA integrations.

I’ve worked with NodeRed, and can really say HA+NodeRed is an impressive combination for more advanced workflows - I still need to work on bits and bytes but the current workflow does automate dynamically the charging based on solar and home requirements on my system.

Now on my question - I am looking for the API reference used by the Wallbox integration. Scrubbing the integration github file I could see the “Wallbox Portal Status Description” possible states, but miss most other accepted values (e.g. what does “Wallbox Portal current mode” equal to “3” mean?). Currently i’m learning by trial and error everytime I see an API error showing up in node red. (e.g. learning that trying to set charging to less than 6 amps fail - was expected to not work of course, but didn’t expect an API error - would be great to have the API reference for the overall view.

Any pointer would be appreciated. Already had a look at the files of wallbox · PyPI, but those don’t help much when it comes to API references.

Thanks in advance!

HI, just stumbled upon your question. Do you still need help with this? I’m the developer of the wallbox hass integration.


Apologies I just saw your response now. First off - thanks for the integration. I really rely on it daily and it is a life saver. Whilst the node red automation works well, I still at times get a flag that the API call failed, and I have to guess why it happened, some other values like Wallbox portal current mode are also mystery values.

I looked at the list of statuses in statuses.py, but would like to know if there is an official link to the wallbox API documentation?


Thanks, Karim.

Hi, yes, there is a fix in the upcoming release for the intermittent errors. Do you use the status codes or the descriptions? What is your goal with them, I have a list of codes and resulting descriptions in my source files (combine init file with Const file) but if you have a specific status you are looking for I might be able to give the answer directly.


All, when looking at my own data, I notice that the Wallbox sensors State of Charge and Charging Speed are always empty → I’m considering removing them. Do they work for anybody else here, might be different with different cars?