🖼️ WallPanel Addon - Wall panel mode for your Home Assistant Dashboards

Hi can someone please explain the profile section?

I’m quite new to HA and trying to understand YAML

Does someone have a code or exaplaination where the profile section goes?

Basically I’m trying to use my regular screensaver during the day and at night I want to switch to a simple black screen saver with a clock


Home Assistant Dashboard configuration

You can add the configuration to your Home Assistant Dashboard configuration yaml (raw config).

  • Click Overview in your sidebar.
  • Click the three dots menu (top-right) and click on Edit Dashboard.
  • Click the three dots menu again and click on Raw configuration editor.
  • Add the wallpanel configuration above anything else.

user.youprofil - Replace it with the profile you want to enable.

  enabled: false
  hide_toolbar: false
  hide_sidebar: false
  fullscreen: false
      enabled: true
  idle_time: 60
  image_list_update_interval: 3600

Hi thanks for getting back into me! Let’s say I want 2 profiles. One for regular use and one for nighttime.

Would I put them one below another?

I currently have a regular one that works perfectly fine.


Habe das WallPanel Addon zum laufen gebracht jetzt ist meine Frage gibt es eine möglichkeit das der Bildschirmschoner nach einer gewissen zeit kein Bild mehr anzeigt sondern nur schwarzen Hintergrund?



I try the Same, But it does Not work…
Can you Share your Code?

I try to do it with an input_select(dropdown) but something is wrong.

Thank you

Hi, welcome to the forum.
Please see point zero of the sticky - this is an English language only forum.

Could you share your setup on how you integrated the new API, because the query mentionned in the doc, as well as the one your mentionning here (api.unsplash…) returns a JSON, which you have to then take the urls property to get the image.

Hi everyone.
Recently I am facing issues with the random generator of image url that I am using for my WallPanel screensaver.
Am I the only one?

No you are not the only one!

You now need to sign up and get an api key.


Maybe someone can help with the unsplah code formatting?

So I have set up my wall panel with a daytime and night time profile. I also have a weather card on it.

What I would like to do is have the query on unsplash to reflect the current weather condition pull up pictures based on day or night and weather.

 https://api.unsplash.com/photos/random?client_id=MY ACCESS CODE&query=day

I figured it out and I am playing now with the API …
I have access and it would work.
Challenge is that the response comes as a full JSON file, not directly as url as in the past.
I guess I will need a template helper to parse the JSON and extract the url.

The image quality with the Unsplah api url is quitte low, how to improve this?

I tried https://api.unsplash.com/photos/random?client_id=YOUR_ACCESS_KEY&query=iceland&w=1920&h=1200

How can I make this card thinner on my screensaver and smaller in ratio? I actually had this working but stupidly deleted whatever card config I had and for the life of me can’t remember. Code below and photo - which as you can see is taking up a third of my screensaver. I would love it to be alot thinner and smaller if possible. Thank you if you’re able to help!!

> wallpanel:
  enabled: true
  hide_toolbar: false
  hide_sidebar: false
  fullscreen: false
  idle_time: 10
  keep_screen_on_time: 86400
  black_screen_after_time: 7200
  control_reactivation_time: 1
  image_url: media-entity://camera.google_photos_samuel_sinead_2017_2022_media
  image_fit: cover
  info_animation_duration_x: 90
  info_animation_duration_y: 90
  info_animation_timing_function_x: ease-in-out
  info_animation_timing_function_y: ease-in-out
  info_move_pattern: random
  info_move_interval: 0
  info_move_fade_duration: 2
  card_interaction: true
      font-size: 8vh
      font-weight: 600
      color: '#eeeeee'
      text-shadow: '-2px -2px 0 '
    - type: iframe
      url: https://www.sbs.com.au/news/collection/top-stories
      aspect_ratio: 1100%
      wp_style: null
      '--wp-card-width': '-100px'
      '--wp-card-margin': 5px

Unable to start the screensaver with the latest homes assist version.

Is anyone else also facing the same issue?

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Nope. I have it on two tablets and am running everything up to date. Both are working fine.

@Yasp0 Have you managed to fix the image quality issue?



I have the same problem and get the following error message:

Uncaught error from Chrome WebView 107.0.5304.105 on Android 8.1.0 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘editMode’) _createCardElement (src/panels/lovelace/views/hui-view.ts:79:36) /hacsfiles/lovelace-wallpanel/wallpanel.js:1146:53 WallpanelView.createInfoBoxContent (/hacsfiles/lovelace-wallpanel/wallpanel.js:1132:17) WallpanelView.startScreensaver (/hacsfiles/lovelace-wallpanel/wallpanel.js:2090:8) WallpanelView.timer (/hacsfiles/lovelace-wallpanel/wallpanel.js:769:10)

It’s working fine again after an update to version v4.25.4

it seems HEIC is not supported on HA itself, not able to view any HEIC files in media browser within HA