🖼️ WallPanel Addon - Wall panel mode for your Home Assistant Dashboards

Hi. I’ve been using wall panel for a long time using a local media folder on HA for the pictures.
I show a small clock and small weather widget. And also show the date month and year of the photo.
I know tried switching to Google photos using the new Google photos addon.
I managed to display the pictures but cannot get the metadata to work; i.e. to show date, month and year of the photo.
Any help and guidance appreciated.

is there a pop up feature? Like a toast notification that can notify a door has been opened or something like that but only appears for 30 seconds on the bottom right for example?

Changing the image_url using the state of a template sensor

@j-a-n Not sure if this is something that is possible, but I’m trying to set up an template sensor that contains a URL for the wall_panel image_url. The template sensor is updated using the state of an input_select dropdown. My thinking being that I can select a different URL using the dropdown in the dashboard (I know the webpage will probably need to be refreashed after this and that’s ok).

What I have so far in the Raw Configuration editor is:

  enabled: false
  hide_toolbar: false
  hide_sidebar: false
  fullscreen: true
  idle_time: 60
  image_url: {{ states('sensor.wall_panel_url_state') }} 
  image_order: random
  image_animation_ken_burns: true
  crossfade_time: 5
  display_time: 30

However this doesn’t seem to working. See screenshot below:

Yes, it’s possible. Please read GitHub - j-a-n/lovelace-wallpanel: 🖼️ Wall panel mode and photo screensaver for your Home Assistant Dashboards

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Absolutely phenomenal! You’ve thought of everything with this extension and I love it. I’m buying you a coffee! You got a link to shout you one?

Hi @j-a-n ,
Can you guide me with the above?

Can I suggest you provide your yaml config and screenshots of what you had when it was working and what you have when it isn’t working? It’s possible that other members of the community can help :slight_smile:

good evening i also played around very much to integrate my photos in a home dashboard my solutions was a simple custom:gallery card:

type: custom:gallery-card
  - media-source://synology_dsm/xxxxxxxxxxxxx/0/
menu_alignment: hidden
slideshow_timer: 145
view_layout: horizontal
position: main
show_duration: false
video_autoplay: false
video_muted: true
random_sort: true
caption_format: ''

-this gallery card takes the photos out of a local synolgy and displays it…

I’m excited to use this addon for a wall panel I am putting together but I notice that it doesn’t seem to support HEIC which is the default Apple photo format these days. Is there a way to enable HEIC as nearly all of my photos from the last few years are in this format?

I love this add on. Thank you!

I’m struggling with enabled_on_tabs option.

I have a main view that I want wallpanel to be active on, but use subviews that I want it disabled on. Should I put the view name under the enabled_on_tabs option? Or some other identifier?

Edit: I suppose more directly, my desired behavior is full screen, tool bar hidden, and keep the back button when looking at a subview, and then have wallpanel kick back in with no toolbar when you are back at the home view.

Right now it seems that if I have the back button on the subview, the the toolbar is showing on the home page.

I’m indifferent about whether or not the screen saver kicks in over a subview.

Can someone please help me why the style that i use to get the transparent card is not working? I always get one with a black background.

  enabled: true
  image_fit: cover
  image_url: media-entity://camera.google_photos_favorites_media
    - tablet
  debug: false
  hide_toolbar: false
  hide_sidebar: false
  fullscreen: false
  idle_time: 30
  display_time: 10
  keep_screen_on_time: 86400
  black_screen_after_time: 7200
  control_reactivation_time: 1
  stop_screensaver_on_mouse_move: true
  image_animation_ken_burns: true
  screensaver_stop_navigation_path: /lovelace/tablet
  screensaver_entity: input_boolean.wallpanel_screensaver
  info_move_pattern: random
  info_move_interval: 30
  info_move_fade_duration: 5
  card_interaction: true
    - type: custom:vertical-stack-in-card
        - type: horizontal-stack
            - type: custom:mushroom-title-card
              title: '{{ now().strftime("%H:%M") }}'
              alignment: start
                style: |
                  ha-card {
                    --title-font-size: 50px !important;
                    right: -10px;
                    top: 10px;
            - type: custom:clock-weather-card
              entity: weather.openweathermap
              sun_entity: sun.sun
              temperature_sensor: sensor.ortansia_soil_temperature
              weather_icon_type: fill
              animated_icon: true
              language: el
              time_format: 24
              hide_date: true
              hide_today_section: false
              hide_forecast_section: true
              hide_clock: true
              hourly_forecast: false
              use_browser_time: false
                style: |
                  ha-card {
                    width: 180%;
                    right: -25px;
                    border: unset;
                    background: unset;
                    box-shadow: none;
            - type: custom:mushroom-entity-card
              entity: sensor.balcony_soil_temperature
              name: Εκτός
              icon_color: green
                  mushroom-shape-icon$: |
                    .shape {
                      --shape-color: none;
                      --icon-size: 60px;
                      --icon-symbol-size: 60px;
                      --card-mod-icon-color: transparent;
                  .: |
                    ha-card {
                     border: unset;
                     background: unset;
                     left: -100px;
                     --ha-card-border-width: 0;
                     --ha-card-background: transparent 
    '--wp-card-width': 450px
    '--ha-card-background': none
    '--ha-card-box-shadow': none
    '--ha-card-border-width': 0px
    text-shadow: -0.5px -0.5px 0 rgb(17, 17, 17), 0.5px -0.5px 0 rgb(17, 17, 17), -0.5px 0.5px 0 rgb(17, 17, 17), 0.5px 0.5px 0 rgb(17, 17, 17)
    '--primary-text-color': '#ffffff'
    '--secondary-text-color': '#dddddd'

Can you try

'--ha-card-background': '#ffffffff'

Instead of using none? This explicitly sets it to use a transparency channel. I believe I ran into trouble when using none for some colour parameters as well.

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That was the solution , thx

Is there an option to exit fullscreen mode / bring back the bars by mouseclick or touch?
Thx in advance!

I wanted to share mine, thanks j-a-n for your addon.
The possibilities are immense !

I coupled the wallpaper with the weather and the day/night profile…
An automation changes the profile when the sun rises and sets

image_url: >-

Do you know of a popup system that could emit notifications (example, in the upper right corner) and that this would disappear after X seconds?


it work, thanks!!!

very new in HA
input_boolean.wallpanel_screensaver don’t stay “on” and “off”, when i turn “off”, it run again the screensaver and the tuggle return to “on”
what i did wrong?