Wallpanel Battery Management

Feature Request:
Can we add a second Charged Percent and Low Percent setting together with a “Maintenance - run alternative charged/low plan every X times” setting?

Goal is to do a full cyle on/after e. g. every 20th load. It is generally recommended to run such a full cycle at least once a month.


  • Normal: 20 % to 80 %
  • Maintenance: 10 % to 100 % on every 20th load

If necessary (or no smarter solution available), let’s store the load cycle in a helper entity.

What do you think @seamus65 ?

This is a very good suggestion and I would advice to also hold the charging on for 30 minutes after reaching 100% in the maintenance charging and maybe also let the device totally discharge 30 minutes.
Reason for this… I’m currently running this cycle for some weeks now to recover my phone from continuous charging at 60%. That strategy was probably good for the battery but the phone battery control SW will be totally messed up

I had to delete original suggestion about a certain app reporting Fire tablet battery level. It seemed to for a few days. But stopped.

What has been reporting accurately, (so far) is Fully Kiosk setup for remote admin. It pulls the battery data somehow and the sensor can be used. I’ll watch this and see if it continues to report accurately.

I use the wall panel app and it has been good.

don’t won’t in to automation

Did you find a solution to this?