Wallpanel only able to set brightness but not volume via rest/mqtt amazon fire hd 8

Hi Everyone,

I am able to set the screen brightness and also wake up my tablet via the rest api and mqtt but other commands such as volume control do not appear to take effect.

I suspect it may be a permission issue. Does anyone have any ideas?

I see the same thing here. Moreover, after I play something with squeezeplayer on it, the volume is really low, so I can hardly hear the incoming notifications after that.
I hoped setting the volume to 100% before a notification would solve this. But alas for now.
I hope the new version being worked on by TheTimeWalker will solve this.

My old fire hd died. I just bought a new fire hd 10 so when I get around to setting it up I will let you know how I go.

I notice that wallpannel has a new maintainer?