Wallyhome Integration for Water Sensor/ Water Main Shutoff

Hi all

I own a wallyhome system that i’m pretty invested in. It appears the company/servers have gone under as their app/web dashboard for accessing the devices has stopped working- it doesn’t even load (They were bought by Sears…)

With wallyhome i have a Hub hooked up to my router and around a dozen Water/temp/humidity sensors and a Shutoff valve on my main water line. All use Zigbee 1.2 as protocol apparently. I was wondering if there was a way to use Home Assistant or something like it to regain control of these devices? I.e., if a sensor detects water, it alerts me and it turns off the water valve if i choose and if no response, it shuts off automatically (how wally’s app used to function).

Here is the tech i am talking about

I really don’t want to give up yet and switch to another system like Flo by Moen and end up burnt again potentially.

Thanks in advance!