Wansview camera URL anomoly - Missing Content-Type in header

I have a Wansview camera that I been trying to launch using either your MJPEG or Generic options.
The camera can stream or take a snapshot to my browser and display just fine. The camera “frame” appears in Home Assistant with “Error loading Image”. (“GET /api/camera_proxy/camera.plantsnap?time=1461614960599 HTTP/1.1” 200 -) Log entry indicates everything is Ok.

The URL that returns a jpeg is missing the Content-Type: image/jpeg header in the reply.
The browser seems to handle this ok but not coding in HA

Thanks for any insight into this issue.

With the addition of the “Local File” option I can use the WGET to

wget -P /home/pi/Pictures -A cgi http://admin:[email protected]/mjpeg/snap.cgi?

write a jpg file to a subdirectory. You can write a script to repeat this action:

while true; do (your_command); sleep (interval_in_seconds); done